Well I know it is the 5th of November but I thought I’d write about my Inktober experience…  So each day in October 2018 there was a prompt and after a wee hiccup on day one I pretty much followed the prompts and as the month went on I came to really enjoy fitting my art into those prompts – the thought process involved was nearly as fun as the drawing!

So if you go into my Inktober page you will see all 31 miniature artworks – do remember they are all approximately 6cm square so 15/16 on a A3 page

some of these ideas might get worked up into a larger piece of artwork but these originals are on there way to my Mum – she asked for them sooooo…..

and what next you might ask – well, I have lots on the go but in this same vein I have joined a new group called ‘prompt my week’ #promptmyweek and this weeks prompt is HOME….

so watch this space!  and my facebook page and my instagram lol

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